Word Craze Level 216 Answers

Word Craze Level 216 Answers . At this moment this game consists of 1245 Levels and as we know, after the coming update new levels will be revealed too. So don’t worry if you are stuck at any question, because we have published at our page the whole solution of the game. Have fun and enjoy your time with Word Craze. We wanna thank you for choosing our site.

Word Craze Level 216 Answers

  • A person who betrayed their country
  • A song sung under a lover’s window
  • A tortilla chip and cheese dish
  • OCD stands for _-Compulsive Disorder
  • Place where doctors and nurses work
  • Profession who leads an orchestral performance
  • Social media site that lets users upload photos to display
  • To drain the water out of something
  • Turn on these when driving at night
  • What is this carnivorous fish?
  • Which country’s alphabet are these letters from?
  • In Arabian folklore these mystical creatures live in a lamp and grant wishes
  • Ticket price for a flight
  • To admit to committing a crime or wrongdoing
  • Dante’s _ first part of his Divine Comedy
  • Party prop filled with helium or air
  • Each element of the periodic table has a different _ number
  • A specialized chair found in most bathrooms
  • _ Questions is a game where players must guess an object with limited questions
  • What is this unfortunate battle result?
  • The third place finisher will receive this medal

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