Word Craze Level 872 Answers

Word Craze Level 872 Answers . At this moment this game consists of 1245 Levels and as we know, after the coming update new levels will be revealed too. So don’t worry if you are stuck at any question, because we have published at our page the whole solution of the game. Have fun and enjoy your time with Word Craze. We wanna thank you for choosing our site.

Word Craze Level 872 Answers

  • Dr. _ created a monster from the bodies of the dead
  • Use these to find which direction you’re facing
  • Relieved pressure or pain
  • Underwent or suffered
  • What you have to do after break time is over
  • The top _ _ holds about half the world’s wealth
  • Do this to water to make it sparkling water
  • An action done in preparation for the complete or main action
  • Last game in a series
  • The thing you said is accurate and relevant
  • This is the name of the coffeehouse they hang out at in Friends
  • Someone to be questioned for the most important evidence in a trial

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